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Sales Evaluations

Salesforce Evaluation & Assessment

Give your sales team practical, powerful knowledge and direction on how to improve sales. Start by getting to the heart of the matter… Start with Closer’s SalesForce Assessment.

Sales Management Evaluation

When it comes to Sales Management, common sense tells us that the more effective a sales manager is at these 5 things, The Greater your Success!

Training Programs

Right Track

Have you ever hired a salesperson whom you just knew would work out perfectly… but they didn’t? You are not alone. Closer’s 90-Day RightTrack Start-Up Program is one of the only ways to ensure a good sales hire turns into a top performer.

Smart Coach

Want to achieve the highest level of Sales Management success? SmartCoach provides sales managers with weekly (3x per month) 30-minute telephone coaching sessions with an experienced, successful sales coach.

Quick Start

We offer 90-Day QuickStart Sales Training Solutions that are effective, affordable, and take the pressure off the sales manager and company staff to provide the needed training themselves.

Sales Management System

Express Screen

Research indicates that:   Making a mistake by hiring the wrong Salesperson or Sales Manager can cost your company on average $379,000 per hire based upon a minimum of six months of employment. Learn how to avoid this mistake.

Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic Marketing

Coming Soon!

Learn More About How We Can Help Deliver Sales and Marketing Results