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Sales Management Evaluation

When it comes to Sales Management, common sense tells us that the more effective a sales manager is at:Greater Success!

1) Growing the sales organization
2) Coaching
3) Motivating
4) Recruiting
5) Holding Salespeople Accountable

    The Greater your Success!

Common sense also tells us that if there is not alignment between the strategic priorities of the senior executive and those of the frontline sales management team, the company will not achieve its business objectives.

Surprisingly, few companies know where they stand in these critical areas of performance evaluation because gathering this type of information can be difficult, at best. But not anymore.

Closer’s Sales Manager Profile with its accompanying Management Priorities Report is the definitive tool to provide clarity on:

1) how each sales manager is performing (growing the sales organization, coaching, motivating, recruiting, and holding sales people accountable).

2) how each sales manager can improve and strengthen their sales leadership skills.

3) where there are conflicting sales management priorities by examining 17 key areas of the business – account and customers, financial profile, business plan, sales manager’s role, recruiting, training, sales compensation, developing employees, sales force automation, market strategy, trade shows, role of marketing, reaching clients, company identity, business growth, price competition, and role of the Internet.

4) where there are conflicting priorities by examining the amount of time being investment by frontline sales managers in 10 important areas of sales management – coaching, motivating, accountability, recruiting, crisis management, internal issues, compensation, organization, strategy, and direct selling.

5) the impact of conflicting priorities.

6) why priorities are out of sync.

7) how to eliminate strategic priority inconsistencies between the senior sales manager(s) and frontline sales managers and among frontline sales managers.

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