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OMG/Closer Sales Organization Evaluation

Knowledge is Power.

Especially when it comes to your sales organization.

Take a quick quiz. Right now, how would you respond to these statements:
 Yes    No   
I know each of the crucial elements for sales success and what conditions must be present in order to affect growth and change.
 Yes   No  
I am fully aware of hidden major weaknesses in our organization that are neutralizing our ability to succeed as well as the strengths and skills of our people.
 Yes   No  
I understand the growth potential for each sales performer and I know exactly how to help each of them reach their full potential.
 Yes   No  
I know how each of my sales people measure up. I know what areas in which they excel as well as those areas that can be improved upon.
 Yes   No  
I know the strengths and weakness of each of my sales managers and I know exactly how to help them leverage strengths and overcome weaknesses

Did you answer “Yes” to all of these statements? Great. Chances are good that you will realize your sales goals this year.

If you had one or more “No” response, read on…

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