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Right Track

90-day Right Track Startup Program

Have you ever hired a sales person whom you just knew would work out perfectly… but they didn’t?

Did you answer “Yes”? Don’t worry…you are not alone.
But why does this happen? And what can you do about it?

Here’s a true story that plays out every day in companies all around the world.

Pat was just hired as a new sales representative for ABC Industries. Pat is experienced, knowledgeable, and poised for success. The company is thrilled to have him on board. His first day at ABC was spent meeting new associates and reviewing new product literature. He was supposed to meet with his new boss first thing in the morning but his manager was tied up in meetings and had a myriad of phone calls that required immediate attention. Later in the day, Pat spent around 5 minutes updating his manager on his first day with the company. Weeks passed. Pat’s days were spent mostly meeting with various people at the company to learn more about the products and how business was conducted. It was not until his second month that he actually made a sales call. Pat felt frustrated and left out. He hadn’t yet had a coaching conversation with his busy manager and began to feel he made the wrong decision to join the company. The company felt the same way. They were expecting great things from Pat but they just didn’t see him generating enough sales activity. Within the first three months – Pat’s status had fallen from sales star to sales slug.
* Individual and company names have been changed.

What’s sad about this story is that the company did not make the wrong hiring decision. Pat was the right choice. They just didn’t give Pat an “agenda” for success to get him on the right track, especially during those first three critical months on the job.

Ensure new hire success. Closer’s 90-Day Right Track Start-Up Program gives sales managers and sales performers an agenda or roadmap for success. And, it’s a great time-saving tool for busy managers, taking only 15 minutes each week!

RightTrack is all about providing the right structure…
Here’s how the 90-Day Right Track Start-Up Program works:

For the Sales Performer

He or she receives a copy of our RightTrack Start-Up Sales Guide. This valuable guide gives the salesperson a 90-day game plan along with specific agenda’s to guide activities day-by-day and week-by-week. The sales performer receives:
1) sales strategies for success,
2) scripts for making sales calls after the first week on the job,
3) a marketing plan,
4) training plans for both product knowledge training and sales skill training,
5) sales performance reviews and improvement tips (based on the data from Closer’s SmartTrack), and
6) a coaching plan to prepare for and guide weekly and monthly conversations with their sales manager.

For the Sales Manager

The sales manager receives a day-by-day, week-by-week agenda for working with the new salesperson to help:
1) set goals,
2) outline expectations,
3) ensure that the right level of product knowledge and sales skill training is provided,
4) provide direction on developing a marketing plan,
5) review sales performance (using data from Closer’s SmartTrack)
6) identify improvement opportunities, and
7) coach for success. Best of all, this process only takes the sales manager 15 minutes per week to follow, freeing up time to spend on other sales management activities and responsibilities.

Closer’s 90-Day RightTrack Start-Up Program is one of the only ways
to ensure a good sales hire turns in to a top performer.

Easy to implement, and saves time and money

Works for seasoned sales professionals and rookies

Doubles as a great interviewing tool – it helps define expectations of the job right up front

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