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Smart Coach

Smart Coach High Performance Coaching

Want to achieve the highest level of Sales Management success? Willing to invest in yourself?

Coaching has emerged as one of the hottest trends in the business world. At its core, coaching is a process where an individual looking for help in achieving his/her goals seeks out the assistance of a willing listener and trusted adviser – a coach -who provides fresh, invaluable insights and direction and/or serves as a sounding board for new ideas…

Smart Coach provides sales managers with weekly (3x per month) 30-minute telephone coaching sessions with an experienced, successful sales coach to:

  • Set realistic goals and objectives
  • Create and implement action agendas for goal achievement
  • Develop skills and competencies to help advance the individual’s and organization’s goals
  • Help coach and develop the skills and competencies of his/her staff
  • Help craft strategic scenarios for sales and coaching activities
  • Provide perspective or help to see hidden issues, opportunities and obstacles
  • Provide a safe environment for clarifying obstacles and working them out
  • Plot business strategies and try them out with a safety net
  • Develop sales and marketing plans
Recent Survey

A landmark survey commissioned by Manchester Consulting showed an average Return on Investment of 4.7 times vs. the cost of coaching among those executives who participated in the study.

Other survey findings reveal that 53% of executives reported a company increase in productivity while 48% reported an increase in both quality and organizational strength. Among personal benefits of coaching, the executives reported improvements in working relationships with direct reports (77%); relationships with immediate supervisors (70%); teamwork (67%); relationships with peers (63%), and job satisfaction (61%).
* Source: “Proactive Coaching”, TRAINING

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