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Elusive Salespeople – Why Can’t You find What You Know You Are Looking For?

If I were to ask you what you are looking for in a sales candidate – one who would be in your Top 1% – after about 20 minutes, I would have a list that looks something like this (you may have even handed this list to HR or your sales recruiter) : Time Management

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Do you know where your salesperson is today?

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Its St. Patrick’s Day – an unofficial holiday for your most sociable sales person – are they out making calls or just working the bars? Let us know if you want to hire sales people who go for the green not the green beer. Go here to talk business.

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Hate Looking for a Salesperson – Part Two

Trying to find the right outside salespeople for your company is difficult. The old way of interviewing every applicant is extremely tiring and non-productive. Closer Consulting has proven, in many industries, they have the ability to identify which sales professionals can be successful selling for your company and are 90% more likely to be in the top fifty percent

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Hate Looking for a Salesperson – You are not alone! – Part One

When your company is searching for new sales professionals, do you dread the process because: 1)    It takes too much of your time to review resumes and conduct interviews. 2)    Too many people apply that don’t have the skills that your company needs. 3)    Far too often, you make a decision to hire because you like the personality

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The Rotary Club of Naperville presents first Mayoral forum

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  The Rotary Club of Naperville sponsored its first ever Mayoral Candidate Forum today and ABC Ch. 7 News was there, along with Anchor Alan Krashesky who moderated the forum for about 160 attendees. Congratulations to The Rotary Club of Naperville! It was a wonderful event bringing all the candidates for mayor together, giving them

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What is the Cost of a Poor Salesperson?

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What did it cost you the last time you hired a salesperson who didn’t work out? No matter the size of your company, the investment for an unproductive sales hire is through the roof. The lost opportunities coupled with the amount of time spent on that “sure hire” (you know the kind – years of experience, industry

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